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Jazz is the perfect style for those dancers looking to merge their love of technique, modern music, strength and conditioning, flexibility and stylised movement. Norris jazz classes are for all ages and our teachers focus on proper technique, alignment and age appropriate movement quality. We’ve recently introduced the IDT (International Dance Technique) Syllabus which has brought a new level of fun and excitement to the Norris Studios Family.
Lyrical classes at Norris are about dancers learning how to express themselves and tell stories through dance. This is a technically focused class, blending the classical styles of Ballet with modern Jazz movements. Lyrical is a popular choice across all ages at Norris as it uses powerful and energetic progressions; making classes both exciting and engaging.
Our Contemporary classes are a fusion of styles, seeing a blend of Contemporary and Modern dance. It’s all about learning to interpret music, control the body, breath, and explore different styles of music and movement, all while still having attention to the technical elements required. At Norris, we encourage our students to find their individual dance style. We challenge them to flourish and feel confident performing outside of their comfort zone.
Ballet is the foundation of most modern dance forms which is why we believe it is a necessity for all young, aspiring dancers. This is a demanding style which teaches technique, poise, strength and increased body awareness. Ballet classes at Norris are available for everyone, from Pre School ages through to advanced levels.
Pointe is an elegant, sophisticated style which can be added to your Ballet repertoire. This style requires both basic Ballet technique and an increased level of strength. For these reasons, at Norris we offer this style to our older Ballet students only.
PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) is a technique-based programme which has recently been introduced at Norris. It has been created to enhance dancer’s technique by teaching the fundamentals of core stability, correct alignment and weight placement. Students will gain a base knowledge of how to work their muscle memory which will help support all forms of dancing.
Tap is an energetic style of dance performed using the plates on tap shoes to strike the floor. Learning tap at Norris will help dancers with their musicality, rhythm and percussion. Our teachers are dedicated to helping students learn the foundation steps, while aiding each child to find their individual tap style.
Hip Hop classes at Norris teach rhythm, musicality, coordination and choreography while dancing to age appropriate, modern music. Our students are challenged to think quickly while enjoying an energetic, fun and funky class. Our Hip Hop dancers develop strength and agility while learning the fundamentals of Hip Hop. This is an excellent class, for all ages; the skills are transferable and can help dancers improve the quality of their movement.
Our Acrobatics classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and tumbling skills. Students will be supported to achieve their acrobatic goals in a safe environment with two teachers present at all times. These classes are popular across all ages and levels. The recent introduction of the AcroLink Syllabus has provided an exciting opportunity for our Norris dancers be formally recognised for their acrobatic achievements. This is a great class for everyone looking to build their dancing portfolio.
At Norris we believe in teaching our dancers how to stretch safely and properly; we feel this is crucial for helping to prevent injury. We teach a variety of dynamic and static stretching techniques to help develop flexibility, which will enhance your overall dance quality. Within these classes we will also focus on building your strength to support your flexibility, but also your overall performance quality. The more strength and muscle awareness you have, the better performer you will be. We encourage all dancers to take stretch classes and would recommend starting these at a young age.

Cabaret at Norris teaches poise, elegance and strength in a style that doesn’t come naturally to many. This is a dynamic class that will help increase dancer’s versatility. This style is suitable for male and female dancers of all abilities but recommended for those 10years and older. Our dedicated staff will focus on the proper technique required for this style and girls will be taught how to confidently dance in heels the appropriate height for their age.

Our Musical Theatre classes are designed to help children work on other performance elements such as singing and acting. Our goal is to help them become triple threats, preparing them for life as a stage show performer. We also cover elements of Broadway-style Jazz choreography to compliment the singing and acting. Our teachers introduce a variety of musical productions to our classes and you’re guaranteed a fun time. Musical Theatre is a great class for students who love to perform and we encourage it to help with self confidence and overall stage presence.
Norris encourages everyone to enjoy new experiences and shine. If your dancer loves performing on stage and is passionate about dance then a personalised solo or being a member in one of our many troupes is for them. We teach competition work across almost all styles and would love to help your dancer flourish. Competitive dancing at Norris promotes teamwork, dedication, positive energy and self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

These programs are exclusive to Norris Studios and are not to be missed, especially by those dancers looking to really improve across all genres. Catering to all ages and levels, this program is designed to expose dancers to most styles of dance, with a strong focus on progressing technique, strength, agility, fitness, flexibility, perseverance, passion and fun. The programs provide our students with the opportunity to learn off a variety of local and international teachers and has seen our dancers go from strength to strength. Don’t miss out on these classes, you’ll never regret becoming #NorrisFit,


Created by Lucy Ellis Dance Coaching and Kylie Norris #Norrisfit in 2019 – International Dance Technique is an exam Syllabus designed to develop plyometric agility, strength, fitness, flexibility and strong jazz technique in dancers of all ages and abilities.

Finally! A modern Technique exam syllabus created specifically for dance studios and dancers who want productive technique classes as part of their studio curriculum. IDT is also available for independent dancers who still wish to learn and sit an exam each year.

IDT includes progressive stretch exercises with emphasis on square splits and safe dance practice (without sacrificing the lines and shapes necessary for current technique elements).

Age appropriate conditioning exercises to strengthen muscles, increase agility, control and power in dance combos, training in all relevant Kick, Turn and Jump techniques, PLUS Combos and Choreography created by leading industry professionals from around the world. All IDT exercises are short, easy to teach and easy for students to learn and retain. IDT aims to keep the dancer motivated to reach their full potential as a technical dancer.

Lucy Ellis and Kylie Norris have been creating and developing successful dancers with exceptional technique for decades. After travelling the world coaching & choreographing, both are ready and excited to impart their knowledge to the dance community.

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PBT = (Progressing Ballet Technique)


Please review our frequently asked questions to help with your enrolment

Yes you certainly can! We welcome students to our classes throughout the year and all you need to do is visit our website norrisstudiosnz.com, click on ENROL ME and follow the easy steps to create your portal account. Here you will be able to select & register for classes, then complete the online payment section and you are good to go!

Yes you can!  Follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the page click ‘Enrol Online.’
  2. Add your details & click on REGISTER FOR CLASSES
  3. Select the class or classes you want to trial – click on SCHEDULE TRIAL under each class & choose your preferred date.
  4. Click on SUBMIT – we will be notified of your booking & you will receive a reminder of your booking too.

You can attend one (1) trial class of each class before you are required to proceed with your registration for that class. You would need to return to your portal to continue with your registration before the next date of the class you trialled.

Yes you can! Please click on Enrol Online on the top of this page. This will take you to a portal to create an account. Once you have created your account on the main home page, select ‘Shared Files.’

Yes of course! We welcome students from beginners to advanced levels of training. Our super-packed timetable offers classes in all ages – Toddlers from 2yrs of age through to Adults.

Classes are held for: Toddlers, Preschool, Mini, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Adult

That’s ok – you can wear activewear:

Females: hotpants, leggings, crop top, fitted singlet

Males: shorts, leggings, fitted singlet, t-shirt, trackpants.

Hip Hop: T-shirt, shorts, leggings, trackpants, trainers.

We would prefer your activewear to be black if possible please.

Our fabulous range of uniforms are purchased through the studio.

Parents / relatives are welcome to observe classes from the waiting area for regular lessons held in weeks 3, 6 & 9 of the term.  We do not permit viewing of regular classes from inside the classrooms.  These observation weeks may change at the discretion of the teacher and without notice.  There are no exceptions made in non-viewing weeks for relatives visiting or suchlike.

You can pay your fees by credit/debit card online through your portal.

Our streamlined accounting system is online and accepts online payment in full only.

All accounts must be paid in full, in advance before you start classes.

Free parking is available at the western end of the complex – alongside the New York Fitness sign.

Additional parking is available across the road, at the lower level below the Papakura RSA parking.

Please do not park out front of any of the buildings in the complex as you are likely to be towed.

Parking directly out front of the studio is for staff only.

No we do not – if your regular lesson falls on a public holiday weekday OR weekend, we do not hold lessons on these days.

Make-up / replacement lessons are not available.

(This is noted in your studio handbook.)

Exams are optional – the decision is yours – you can take classes and not sit formal exams if this is your preference. We have a number of recreational / non-exam classes too.

Communications are sent via email, Instagram & Facebook along with verbal messages at class.

Keep a check on our noticeboard located in the kitchen too!

Your studio handbook PLUS our detailed Concert handbook (found online in your portal – under Shared Files) will provide you with a detailed guide to how we manage the studio.

Yes we do!  A capped fee is available for students who register for 6 or more classes for the term.  Your fees will be capped at $600+GST for the term and you can then add as many additional classes as you like at no extra cost – great value for your money!

Yes we have an annual Registration Fee per student which covers some of our music licencing fees, administration costs and so forth. You will be charged this at your first registration, and then this will not re-appear on your fees until the beginning of the new dance year.

If you wish to change class part-way through the term, please advise us either by email or direct to Reception. This will be forwarded to Management for further action.

If we are in the middle of choreography for our concerts, we ask that you please remain with your classes until after the concerts are closed.

Yes we do and this can be purchased through your online portal. Sample sizes are available at reception to try on before you finalise your purchases. Once payment has been received all uniforms can be collected from the studio reception.

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